1. Open source GIS Flash mapn this page you will find useful information about flash map Varazdin 2000, as well as some open source files used in the project. So if there is something you wish to see here from the VZ2000 flash map project please write and I'll explain it or post the source. Here you can also report bugs or mail me.

    Interactive gis mapome of you might notice that this page as well as all of the controls in the Flash map are in English, although the data (street labels) is in Croatian. There are actually a couple of reasons for this: 1.) I plan to publish both an English and a Croatian version but I don't have the time right now and I still wanted to make the project avalible to the international/European internet population, 2.) one could argue that if a person needs this GIS data on Varazdin (in Croatia, Europe), it would probably serve for travel purposes such as asking for directions in local tongue anyway.

    Car driving directions maps for the resolution and configuration settings - well I would suggest viewing the city map project in 800x600 screen resolution on a high end Pentium or Pentium 2 (or its Mac eqivalent) but feel free to crank up the resolution if you have a monster under the hood (and let me know how it works). You can start a windowed version that you can resize from here.

    Plan your Varazdin trip, map of Europelease note that printing does not work within the flash map - it was just too difficult to get this to work properly with this version of Macromedia Flash. Currently working on a interactive point-to-point map driving direction - sit tight! Possibly a larger demo version - a road map of Europe as well.