1. Welcome to Varazdin 2000 city mapelcome to city map Varazdin 2000 project. What exactly is Varazdin 2000 you might ask? Well, Varazdin 2000 is an interactive Macromedia Flash map pushing the limits of Macromedia Flash 3.0 to a new level. It is a new breed of GIS - a vector-based city map (a road map) with advanced options such as rotation (map direction), zoom, 360 degree navigation, street locating by name and many more. It also features an overview of historical buildings in the city center.

    Interactive gis mapince Varazdin 2000 is largely made up of vector GIS elements and uses some fairly advanced Flash programming techniques, be warned - this city map is CPU intensive. One should also mention that VZ2000 Flash map is resolution independent, but the higher your screen resolution is, the faster computer you'll need for it to run smoothly in full-screen.

    Map of Europe or aditional information and for some tips on how to make Varazdin 2000 run smoother check out the "About Flash map" section. If you would like to find out who made this "interactive city map" or hire a map expert, click on the "Author - flash developer" button. The last button will take you to another site where you can get more information about the baroque city of Varazdin.

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