1. Hot Croatia Flash developerow to sumarize my life in a few sentences? Well, I'll try... My full name is Veljko Sekelj, and at the time I developed this city map I was 19 years old and lived in Varazdin, a beautiful city located in the north-western part of Croatia - in Europe. After this project my life has changed drasticaly - I have since then circled the globe many times and worked on projects for clients world-wide.

    Interactive map am still fully avalible to hire (preferring contract-based telework though). I have massive experience in envisioning, overseeing and producing web projects big and small (client and server). I do endorse open-source solutions so just to give you an idea of what I work with, I'll list a few day-to-day technologies: Macromedia Flash god - from early versions to Actionscript 2.0/3.0, valid xHTML, dHTML - CSS/JS/DOM (also what they call Ajax or Web2.0 these days), XML for data interchange with XSL transformations. Java/servlets (sometimes PHP) on the server side - with SQL-based databases - from MySQL, Postgre to Oracle. A great deal of media experience - Flash/WMV/SMIL. Current passions - SEO (search engine optimization) and Flash GIS maps of course.

    Interactive Macromedia Flasham currently running my own small consultancy in Europe. Although we are small - we work with some huge industry names that appreciate quality enterprise solutions. If you would like to put us to the test - please feel free to drop me a line and lets talk about it. Believe it or not, with all the years I spent developing project online - I realy know whay I'm talking about. Please - hit me with something challenging already ;-)