1. Varazdin map, Croatiaarazdin is one of the oldest European cities with first mentions dating back as far as the 12th century and tales of an even earlier roman city at its place. It is a place of great tradition and often referred to as "little Vienna" for its many balls, clasical concerts and world famous festivals. Another significant acknowledgement is Varazdin's planned inscription on UNESCO's World Heritage List ensuring the city's protection and preservation in years to come.

    Concert at the Varazdin city square - Croatian music While touring Croatia - why not stop in Varazdin for a recital? Croatian history - one of the castles and historical events in Varazdin Holiday atmosphere of the Varazdin city park Aquacity - view of a beach at one of Varazdin lakes (often referred to as the Varazdin sea) Varazdin is the leader of continental tourism in Croatia Many of the properties in Varazdin and Croatia are centuries old If you travel around Varazdin, Croatia - these are some of the sights you might encounter

    Transport road mapoday Varazdin has yet another face. It is a place of learning, hosting several colleges attended by students from all over Croatia. Should you seek further information about the city of Varazdin, please click on this link which will take you to a different site with maps of Croatia and Varazdin.